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A Perfect Ground: preparatory layers for oil paintings 1550 - 1900

A Perfect Ground: preparatory layers for oil paintings 1550 - 1900
Maartje Stols-Witlox

Grounds, or preparatory layers, form the basis upon which all artistic paintings are executed and can have a great impact on the ‘success’ of a painting, influencing both its aesthetic qualities and its longevity. Artists in different locations and at different times selected various materials and techniques to prepare their supports for painting. The subject of grounds also occupied the minds of the authors of artists’ manuals, recipe books and related historical sources. They wrote ... more...

UK Price: £85.00     US Price: $175.00     Binding: Cased     Dimensions: 246 x 175mm     ISBN: 9781909492356     Publication Date: 31/10/2017    

Engaging Conservation: collaboration across disciplines
Nina Owczarek, Molly Gleeson, Lynn A. Grant (eds)

This publication commemorates the 50th anniversary of the conservation laboratory of the University of Pennsylvania Museum which is now part of the new Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials. These papers were presented at an international symposium to celebrate the collaboration of conservators with allied professionals.... more...

Binding: Paperback     Dimensions: 297 x 210     ISBN: 9781909492554     Publication Date: 15/11/2017    

Picture so Far: 50 Years of Painting Conservation, The
Abigail Granville, Laura Hinde, Hayley Tomlinson, Sophia Plender, Nancy Wade (eds)

The texts in this volume were presented at the BAPCR conference: Paintings Conservation: The Picture so Far on September 2013... more...

Binding: Paperback     Dimensions: 234 x 156     ISBN: 9781909492240     Publication Date: 14/12/2017    

Picasso, Picabia, Ernst: new perspectives
Annette King, Joyce H. Townsend, Adèle Wright (eds)

This title focuses on new perspectives on some of Tate's key paintings by Picabia, Picasso and Ernst, as the conclusion of a two-year study into their history, context, materials and techniques. The paintings selected for the study have almost all been radically reworked by the artist, and both documentary and technical research has been carried out to give new insight into the earlier versions of these works. The project was carried out by Tate paintings conservator Annette King, funded by the ... more...

UK Price: £35.00     US Price: $75.00     Binding: Paperback     Dimensions: 246 x 175     ISBN: 9781909492493     Publication Date: 20/12/2017    

The Conservation of Sculpture Parks
Sagita Sunara, Andrew Thorn (eds)

This publication includes papers presented at the three-day international conference SPark: Conservation of Sculpture Parks that took place in Sisak, Croatia, in September 2015. Extended abstracts of the six posters that were presented at the conference could not be included in the publication due to financial restrictions. They can be viewed at The conference was closely related to a project that aims to protect and conserve a collection of 38 outdoor... more...

Binding: Paperback     Dimensions: 245 x 174     ISBN: 9781909492585     Publication Date: 08/06/2018