Paintings in the Laboratory: Scientific Examination for Art History and Conservation

Karin Groen

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ISBN: 9781909492134
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 200
Illustrations: 204 colour

This volume to be published in August 2014 reflects and celebrates the life of Karin Groen (1941-2013) and her work in the scientific examination of paintings. It contains a selection of her ground breaking articles published in this field over the past decades, and will continue to be a source of inspiration for a new generation of scientists, restorer-conservators and art historians. She was particularly involved in the Rembrandt Research Project, systematically examining Rembrandt's paintings and the knowledge she gleaned of the composition and build-up of (quartz) ground layers provided useful additional information for the attribution of paintings to Rembrandt and his workshop. Her methods, in which paintings are examined in close collaboration between the scientist and the restorer-conservator, always focussed on the question 'How did the artist do it?'. This book includes studies not only on paintings by Rembrandt but also on those painted by Frans Hals, Judith Leyster and Johannes Vermeer as well as studies of changes in painter’s materials, such as the pigments in Dutch still-life paintings, and in works by Lucas Van Leyden, Claude Lorrain and others.

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Paintings in the Laboratory is a selection of the published work of scientist Karin Groen (1941-2013) and commemorates a highly distinguished and pioneering career. [...] The articles published here reflect the broad range of interests and knowledge of the author, and within these pages the reader will witness a wide range of analytical techniques as well as research into the culture, economics and even geology of the Netherlands in the 17th century. Throughout the volume, the author's enthusiasm, knowledge and experience is reflected in clear and fluent text [...]
This volume, well illustrated and attractively presented, is a highly interesting, stimulating read for conservators and demonstrates how rich and rewarding the scientific study of paintings can be. Karin Groen's achievements in technical art history and conservation science, and her accomplishments in promoting multidisciplinary research, set a very high standard for those who follow.
ICON News - December 2014

Se trata de una publicación bien ilustrada y atrayente, cuya interesante lectura trasciende sus objetivos. El texto refleja asimismo de manera clara y fluida el entusiasmo, los conocimientos y la experiencia de la autora en la ciencia aplicada a la historia de arte y la conservación.
Ge-conservación - December 2015 click here for the full review.