Pest Management in Museums, Archives and Historic Houses

David Pinniger

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ISBN: 1873132867
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 235 x 155 mm
Pages: 124
Illustrations: 43 line


Pest Management in Museums, Archives and Historic Houses is a practical working handbook for the conservator and all persons concerned with the care and management of collections. An essential guide to the recognition of inset, rodent and bird pests with advice on the practical steps required to present and control damage to collections, it incorporates many recent developments in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in the heritage sector.

Presenting invaluable new information on the trapping and detection of pests and clear explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of physical and chemical control measures, David Pinniger also deals with concerns about the use of pesticides and their effects on staff and the environment. In addition, he demonstrates that implementing IPM is not only the safer option but also a more cost-effective solution to the complex problems of pest control.

With its specially commissioned illustrations providing some of the clearest pictures of museum insects yet published, this book offers comprehensive guidance for the treatment of any pest problem likely to be encountered in museums, archives and historic houses.

Reprinted 2004, 2008

It is a useful tool for the conservator of museums and historical houses as well as the pest control professional who is working with this sector.
Fumigants & Pheromones 61 (Fall 2001) 3

The book is very easy to read and understand, especially for non-entomologists and pest controllers...I would thoroughly recommend it to any museum staff and keepers of historic collections.
Antenna 26 (January 2002) 29

Once again David Pinniger has produced an easy-to-read, well-structured and informative publication with numerous checklists and guidelines essential for the development and execution of a successful IPM strategy. Not only should it be considered a standard reference for specialist and non-specialist alike but also an invaluable tool for training and communicating this important aspect of collection care.
The IPCRA Newsletter 11(1) (January 2002) 28-29

...Pest Management in Museums, Archives and Historic Houses is a valuable guide for people who aim to protect collections from pests. It will be especially useful to those who are experiencing their first professional encounter with pests and feel they need practical and concise advice to help them find solutions.
NPO Journal 10 (April 2002) 14

I enjoyed the simple, clear style of the text and even found a few things to smile about...I have already managed to apply the information in Pest Management in Museums, Archives and Historic Houses a number of times...[the book] will be useful for anyone responsible for managing IPM programs.
Museum National 11(2) (November 2002) 31-32 we have a useful and practical guide for conservators and anyone who has responsibility for the care of collections...Pest Management in Museums, Archives and Historic Houses fills a need for a comprehensive guidebook on pest management...[an] excellent resource...
Journal of the American Institute for Conservation 42 (Spring 2003) 129-131