Microbiology and the Conservation of Cultural Heritage

Ralph MitchellJennifer Clifford

Editor  Archana Vasanthakumar

This volume focuses on recent developments in the investigation of the role of microbes associated with historic materials. Contributions from world-renowned scientists describe the latest advancements in the role of microorganisms in the degradation, treatment and protection of cultural heritage materials and objects including ceramic tiles, stained glass, stone and wooden buildings, paintings and library materials.  These developments range from the use of third-generation sequencing to detect organisms that are present in the microbiome of colonized parchment, to the ecological approaches being used to investigate microbial colonization of archaeological sites, to the use of bacteria to clean wall paintings. To conclude each section, we have included a synopsis of current research illustrating recent developments.

ISBN 9781909492776
Binding Paperback
Published March 2022
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