Practical Impact of Science on Near Eastern and Aegean Archaeology, The

Scott Pike, Seymour Gitin (eds)

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ISBN: 1873132174
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 297 x 210 mm
Pages: 180
Illustrations: 61 colour, 25 haltone

Born from a workshop series entitled 'The Practical Impact of Science on Field Archaeology', this volume presents the ideas of students and researchers from North America, Europe and Israel on the growing impact of science on archaeology in the eastern Mediterranean. Its main focus is to promote interdisciplinary approaches to archaeology, with special attention to the sciences and to demonstrate the wealth of knowledge that can be obtained when these ordinarily isolated subject areas are combined. Through these papers, the promise of future collaboration and the benefit to archaeology is clearly seen.

...this book would be a particularly useful addition to the library of any archaeologist or archaeometrist working in the Aegean or the Near East...Congratulations to the editors on compiling a volume where all papers are well written and well produced.
Society for Archaeological Sciences Bulletin 24(3/4) (Winter 2001) 27-30