Iron and Steel in Art: Corrosion, Colorants, Conservation

David A. Scott, Gerhard Eggert

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ISBN: 9781909492479
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 297 x 210 mm
Pages: 208
Illustrations: 107 colour, 34 halftone, 10 line

This book will be of interest to all who seek to further their understanding of iron artefacts, their corrosion, conservation and pigments based on iron compounds, which mankind has used for millennia. The authors take the reader through some of the latest observations on the occurrence and role of compounds of iron - from the hot water undersea vents where the presence of iron pyrites is thought to be vital to the emergence of life on Earth to the discovery of jarosite on the surface of Mars, possibly indicating the occurrence of water; from the pyrophoric surprises one can have when dealing with iron artefacts taken from beneath the sea to the use of a blue oxide of iron as a pigment in mediaeval wall paintings; from rusticles on the Titanic to the analysis of colouring matter on the Turin shroud.

The great variety of iron compounds is examined (from the simple oxides to the exotic green rusts, from Prussian blue to yellow jarosites), the corrosion of iron in different environments is discussed and a critical review of the many attempts to conserve iron is presented. This volume will serve as a useful textbook on the subject for many years.

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I am very glad to have read this book and it will fit nicely alongside Salaman's dictionaries and similar volumes. It is of similar textual quality and will not be out of place.
Tools and Trades History Society (Autumn 2009) 27-29

The publication is well produced with lots of diagrams and a number of excellent colour plates...[It] is an ideal reference book.
Journal of the Institute of Conservation 33(2) (September 2010) 201-203

...un texto imprescindible para consulta sobre cualquier aspecto del hierro y su conservación.
Ge-conservacion/conservação 1 (2010) 264-265

...the authors have presented a state of the art report on iron and its compounds used in art...this book will be interesting for everybody...who want[s] to improve [their] understanding of iron and its artefacts, their corrosion, conservation and pigments based on iron compounds and all those [who] work with any kind of iron.
Materials and Corrosion 61(2) (2010) 160 a basic text for students and conservators who need to know about iron, this book is a valuable source of information. It contains all that you think you need to know about this fundamental archaeological material and a lot that you did not think you ought to know. It is to be thoroughly recommended.
Studies in Conservation 57(3) (July 2012) 192