Perspectives on the Painting Technique of Jan van Eyck

Noëlle L.W. Streeton

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ISBN: 9781904982708
Binding: Hardback
Dimensions: 246 x 175mm
Pages: 212
Illustrations: 105 colour, 15 halftone

Conservators and art historians have relied heavily on scientific evidence from the Ghent Altarpiece to support theories about the working methods and materials of Jan van Eyck. However, should these theories be directly applied to van Eyck's other paintings?

Noëlle Streeton has examined surviving paintings attributed to van Eyck, his contemporaries and earlier artists, alongside the conservation dossiers for these works. By focusing on demonstrable physical differences between the Ghent panels and other paintings, especially those in the van Eyck corpus, she has woven a narrative for van Eyck that brings greater clarity to ideas that surround this painter's workshop practices and choices of materials over time. This might be considered an end in itself, but for some these results on their own fail to offer satisfying insight into the much-debated nature of van Eyck's technique. For this reason, she also proposes a broader context for painting in late medieval Bruges.

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This gorgeously illustrated volume is at once interesting and informative, giving a neat overview of the artist and his most famous work that highlights the importance of the technical data but also reflects on the wider context surrounding it. [...] A highly recommended read, not just for van Eyck enthusiasts but also for anyone with an interest in technical art scholarship relating to fifteenth century art.
The Picture Restorer - No. 44, Spring 2014