Supplementary information on silverfish

13 November 2019

We have updated information available on silverfish pp36 -37 in Integrated Pest Management in Cultural Heritage by David Pinniger.

The silverfish section on p36 should read from line 7:

“Another larger species Ctenolepisma longicaudata, known as the grey silverfish, is now an important pest in a number of European countries including Austria, Belgium, Norway and the Netherlands. It has now also been found in the UK, initially in the London area, but also in Oxford and Birmingham. It is larger than Lepisma and has short bristles around the head with very long antennae and rear bristles. Ctenolepisma seems to be able to survive and breed at lower humidity than Lepisma.”

The additional text with pictures is available for download here.

Integrated Pest Management in Cultural Heritage was first published in 2015 by Archetype Publications Ltd; ISBN: 978-1-909492-22-6; Text © 2015 David Pinniger/Adrian Meyer