Discount on Artists' Pigments Volumes 1-4

7 July 2021

For one week only, we are discounting the price of our 6 remaining sets of the NGA/Archetype publication:

Artists' Pigments Volumes 1-4 (set)
A Handbook of their History and Characteristics

Normally priced at 435.00GBP, we are offering the four volume set at a discount price of 390.00GBP (subject to availability and purchase by credit card).
To obtain this discount, please email [email protected]. The deadline for this offer is Tuesday, 13 July. You can find more information on this set here.

We are also able to offer individual copies of Artists' Pigments Volume 1 and Artists' Pigments Volume 4 discounted from the regular price of 95.00GBP each for 50.00GBP each. To obtain this discount, please use the discount code PIGMENTS at checkout of our online shop by Tuesday, 13 July.

9781904982746 Artists' Pigments Volume 1 Robert Feller (ed.)
9781904982753 Artists' Pigments Volume 2 Ashok Roy (ed.)    Out of Print individually
9781904982760 Artists' Pigments Volume 3 Elisabeth West Fitzhugh (ed.)    Out of Print individually
9781904982234 Artists' Pigments Volume 4 Barbara Berrie (ed.)