Selling the IIC book shelf books

19 July 2021



In association with IIC we are selling some of the books from the IIC office. Please see the list of titles and their prices in GBP below. The books are sold on a first come, first served basis.  There is only one copy of each. The books are in good condition (with slight shelf wear) but, as shown, 2 books have slight dust jacket tears (DJT) and 2 have minor cover damage (MCD). 
If you would like to buy a title please email us at [email protected]. We will then send you a link to order the title. Payment via credit card or Paypal only. Shipping cost will be calculated at the checkout. 


Historic Floors. Their Care and Conservation 1075065452x Fawcett, J Butterworth-Heinemann 2001   £80
Conservation of Historic Buildings 0408107820 Feildon. B, M Butterworth 1982 Hardback £70
The Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art. Treatment, Repair, Restoration. 192129600  Plenderleith, H.J & Werner, A.E.A Oxford University Print 1971 Hardback £75
Artifacts 212359159 Hodges, H Baker 1971 4th reprint Hardback £20
Manual of Curatorship. A Guide to Museum Practice.  0408014113 Ed. Thompson, J.M.A Butterworth 1984 Hardback £80
Textile Conservation.  0408367504 Ed. Leene, J.E Butterworth 1972 Hardback £20
Conservation and Restoration of Pictorial Art.  0408707127 Brommelle & Smith X2  Butterworth 1976 Hardback £15
A History of Architectural Conservation.  0750637935 Jokilehto, J. Butterworth-Heinemann 1999 Hardback £50
Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art and Antiquities – Vol 1.  04080108517 Kühn, H Butterworth 1986 Hardback £150
The Organic Chemistry of Museum Objects.  0408118105 Mills, J.S & White, R Butterworth 1987 Hardback £75
The Museum Environment.  0408015365 Thomson, G. Butterworth 1986 Hardback £40