More books for sale

4 August 2021

We need to make space in our office and are selling more books from our office library including out of print Archetype titles. Please see the list of titles and their prices in GBP below. The books are sold online on a first come, first served basis, we only have one copy of each.
If you would like to buy a title please email us at [email protected]. We will then send you a link to purchase the title(s) online on our website within 24hours. Shipping costs are based on book(s) weight and destination country, and will be calculated at the checkout.


All prices in Pound sterling.


  authors publication notes price
OUT-of-PRINT Archetype titles on CONSERVATION and related topics        
Colourful Past..origins, chemistry and identification of Natural Dyestuffs J. Hofenk de Graaff   70
Conservation Legacies of the Florence Flood of 1966 Helen Spande Archetype 2009   35
Conservation of Decorative Arts Velson Horie (ed.) Archetype/UKIC 1999 35

Conservation in Ancient Egyptian Collections Carol Brown et al Archetype 1995    40
Conservation of Geological Collections R. Child Archetype 1994   10
Early Islamic Pottery – materials and techniques Anne-Marie Bernsted Archetype 2003   30
Essentials in the Conservation and care of Historical Ceramic Objects V. Oakley and K. Jain 2002   25

First Aid for Underwater Finds Wendy Robinson Archetype/NAS 1998   30
From Marble to Chocolate – The conservation of Modern Sculpture Jackie Heumann ed. Archetype 1995   65
International perspectives on Textile Conservation A. Timar-Balazsy and D. Eastop Archetype 1998   45
Manual on the Conservation of Paintings   Archetype/ICOM  reprint of the 1940 English edition 40
Textiles Revealed-object lessons in historic textile and costume research Mary Brooks ed. Archetype 2000   45
OUT-of-PRINT Archetype titles on STONE         
Interdisciplinary Studies on Ancient Stone (ASMOSIA 5) John Hermann et al (eds.) Archetype 2002   40
The Study of Marble and Other Stones used in Antiquity (ASMOSIA 3) Yannis Maniaitis et al (eds.) Archetype 1995 Felt pen mark on book cover 40
11th International Congress on Deterioration and Conservation of Stone Volume 1, Torun, Poland Lukaszewicz and Niemcewicz (eds.) 2008   40
OUT-of-PRINT Archetype titles on ARCHAEOLOGY        
Archaeological Parenchyma J.G. Hather Archetype, 2000   40
Mammal Bones and Teeth Simon Hillson Institute of Archaeology London 1992  20
Downland Settlement and Land-Use (The Archaeology of the Brighton Bypass) David Rudling (ed) Archetype/English Heritage, 2002 10
Archaeological Displays and the Public Paulette McManus Archetype 2000   10
Archaeological Sediments and Soils: analysis, interpretation and management Institute of Archaeology London, 1995 Weary 5
Modelling Ecological Change Harris and Thomas  Institute of Archaeology , London 1991 5
Norse and Later Settlement and Subsistence in the North Atlantic Christopher Morris and James Rackham eds. University of Glasgow/Archetype, 1992 5
Archaeology Underwater (The NAS Guide to Principles and Practice) Martin Dean et al. Archetype/NAS,  2000 10
Science and Site Beavis and Barker eds. Bournemouth University, 1995 5
Above Sweet Waters  - cultural and natural change at Port St Charles, Barbados 1750- 1850 Peter Drewett Archetype, 2007   10
Prehistoric Barbados Peter Drewett Archetype 1991   10
Prehistoric Settlements in the Caribbean – fieldwork in Barbados, Tortola and the Cayman Islands Peter Drewett Archetype 2000   10
Out-of-print HARD COVER editions of Archetype titles which are still available in paperback at the pbk price
Iron and Steel in Art D. Scott and G. Erhard Archetype 2009 hard cover 55
Material Characterisation Tests N. Odegaard et al. Archetype 2005 hard cover 40
Identification of Vegetable Fibres D. Catling Archetype 1998 hard cover 35
Art on paper Mounting and Housing J. Rayner et al Archetype/British Museum 2005 hard cover 45
Unravelling Textiles Foekje Boersma Archetype 2007 hard cover 30