A Manual for the Identification of Bird Bones from Archaeological Sites

Alan CohenDale Serjeantson

This reprinted manual shows the main skeletal elements of 32 species of birds, all drawn at 1:1 scale and annotated with notes to aid identification. It is intended as an aid to teaching the identification of bird bones from archaeological sites. It can be used by an archaeozoologist unfamiliar with bird bones to give an indication of the family or group of families of bird bones from archaeological deposits. The species chosen are those which are common on archaeological sites in Britain, but as it can be used as a guide to family and size, it is also more widely applicable.

This is a paperback reprint of the revised (1996) edition.

ISBN 9781909492295
Binding Paperback
Dimensions 210 x 296mm
Pages 126
Illustrations 387 line drawings
Published February 2015
Price £29.50