Archaeology and Digital Communication

Towards Strategies of Public Engagement

Editor  Chiara Bonacchi

Archaeologists now face a myriad of digital ways of engaging with the public – social media, online TV channels, games, etc. It is critical that this potential and its limitations are closely assessed and utilised to make archaeology a genuinely public activity. Archaeology and Digital Communication examines how archaeology engages the public in the rapidly changing world of communication.

This volume proposes digital strategies of public engagement that will be of interest to archaeologists working in various contexts, particularly in collaboration with media professionals and institutions. It identifies some of the most promising uses of digital media in different domains of archaeological communication and the benefits they can generate for participants. Each use is presented through case studies highlighting how media experiences are designed and consumed. While providing specific operational recommendations, Archaeology and Digital Communication also attempts to chart potential new directions for research.

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ISBN 9781904982777
Binding Paperback
Dimensions 189 x 246mm
Pages 164
Illustrations 46 halftone
Published April 2012
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