Arms and Armour

History, Conservation and Analysis

Editor  Alan WilliamsKeith Dowen

This volume brings together papers written by curators, conservators and scientists who have worked very closely with European and Oriental arms and armour from some of the world’s finest collections. The pieces, which have been examined in detail, include not only those made for royalty, such as the helmet of the Black Prince, the armours of King Henry VIII and the jewel-encrusted dagger of Shah Jahan, but also the apparently more mundane and those created to deceive. Through careful study and hands-on experience, each of the authors provides an eye-opening insight into the history, science and interpretation of these important objects.

The essays in this title were written in honour of David Edge.

Published by Archetype Publications Ltd in association with the Arms and Armour Society


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ISBN 9781909492820
Binding Paperback
Dimensions 170 x 240mm
Pages 256
Published September 2021
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