Desperately Seeking Europe

Susan Stern

Editor  Elisabeth Seligmann

Will Europe please raise its hand!

Europe - What is it? A land mass (plus a few islands) stretching from Portugal to the Russian Urals? Or to the Turkish Bosporus? A continent with a common history? A common language, culture, religion? A common anything?

Most members of the European Union assume Europe is their exclusive club of going-on 25 countries. A Briton goes there on holiday. People from a wannabe EU country know that Europe is not synonymous with the Union, but they too are Europeans. Or are they? The rest of the world thinks they are, it's mainly EU members who don't. Indeed, it's the rest of the world which provides a European identity to people from the "bits of Europe beyond the EU" (Michael Portillo).

"Desperately Seeking Europe" contains 37 contributions from internationally renowned politicians, sociologists, economists and writers, all of whom have their own opinions on Europe, its role in the world, its future. Europe is at a critical stage of its development; 2003 will be a decisive, possibly fateful year. Europe urgently needs to discover itself. This book is a timely, challenging and thought-provoking read.

The collection of original contributions presented here was solicited by the Alfred Herrhausen Society for International Dialogue. The Herrhausen Society was set up in 1992 by Deutsche Bank and provides a forum for examining socially relevant issues, identifying the problems and discussing their possible solutions.

ISBN 1873132190
Binding Hardback
Dimensions 146 x 209mm
Published April 2003
Price £19.99