European Paintings 15th-18th Century

Copying, Replicating and Emulating

Editor  Erma Hermens

Inspired by the European project, Bosch & Bruegel: Four Paintings Magnified, this book contains papers from the international conference Copying, Replicating & Emulating Paintings in the 15th-18th Century in Copenhagen organised by the Centre for Art Technological Studies and Conservation (CATS). This multidisciplinary approach was reflected in the thoughtful and varied selection of art historians, conservators and scientists who presented papers over the two day conference.

The authors in this extensively illustrated volume explore how art historical and technical examination of 15th-18th century European paintings conducted in tandem not only address key subjects such as meaning, materials and manufacturing techniques, but also allow fresh perspectives on the prevailing workshop practices of copying, replicating and emulating paintings.

This book (published in association with CATS) is available for free access online

ISBN 9781909492066
Binding Paperback
Dimensions 210 x 297mm
Pages 138
Illustrations 133
Published February 2014
Price £39.50