Hamilton Kerr Institute Bulletin No. 9, 2022

Lucy WrapsonAdèle WrightChristine Braybrook

This volume is the ninth in this biennial series which presents the recent research into the conservation, structure, materials, history etc. of paintings carried out by past and present staff and students (including early career interns) of the Hamilton Kerr Institute.

The research topics include:

  • Life, death and artists’ colours
  • Aestheticism and painting method: on Albert Moore and Frederic Leighton
  • Material and technique as a presentation of knowledge in Otto Marseus van Schrieck’s Flowers, Insects and Reptiles
  • Holy apostles and sainted bishops: reuniting a rood loft in Hexham
  • Speed and splendour in the Nurture of Jupiter by Giulio Romano and his workshop
  • An Investigation of the use of azurite across a sixteenth-century canvas painting from the English royal court based on the study of archived paint samples
  • An examination of a group of works related to Albrecht Dürer’s trip to the Netherlands
  • Albert Moore’s The Umpire: a window into the materials and methods of an enigmatic artist


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ISBN 9781909492905
Binding Paperback
Dimensions 210 x 297mm
Pages 116
Published October 2022
Price £35.00