Leather Tanneries

the Archaeological Evidence

Editors  Roy ThomsonQuita Mould

The papers in this volume go some way to correct some of the misinterpretations presently found in archaeological reports. Contributions cover many aspects of research into the evidence from prehistoric, Roman, medieval and early modern periods as well as descriptions of traditional techniques still used in different parts of the world today. Whilst the emphasis is on the interpretation of the evidence for leather tanning surviving in the archaeological record, other aspects such as standing tannery buildings are also considered.

A range of information given in this volume summarises our current understanding of the evidence for the processing of hides and skins in the past, and also serves to challenge received views by considering some of the traditional methods still being practised. These papers show it is important to consider the evidence of each potential tanning site on its merits and not to dismiss the possibility of a tannery occurring in what, at first, might appear to be a less than favourable location. It is hoped that a better informed appreciation of the technologies involved in processing hides and skins will go some way to prevent some of the over-imaginative interpretations that still appear in the literature.

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Published February 2011
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