On the Trail of Bosch and Bruegel

Four Paintings United under Cross-examination

Editor  Erma Hermens

The four paintings investigated in this book all depict Christ driving the traders from the temple. They are alike yet different with echoes of Pieter Bruegel the Elder and Hieronymous Bosch, but all were presumed to have been painted in Antwerp in the 16th century. Over the past 300 years, each painting has found its way to a collection in a different corner of Europe: the Kadriorg Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia; the National Gallery of Denmark; the Glasgow Museums, and a private collection in London. Relatively little was known about the artists who created these paintings, the journeys they made and the relationship between them.

The results of examination of the materials used, the underdrawings, the iconography, and investigation of the changes of ownership are discussed in this book – all part of the project that set out to discover the origins of each version, how and why they were made, their meaning and how they might be related to each other.

ISBN 9781904982784
Binding Paperback
Dimensions 240 x 269mm
Pages 156
Illustrations 125 colour, 43 halftone
Published May 2012
Price £39.50