Practical Gilding

Ann MactaggartPeter Mactaggart

The aim of Practical Gilding is to demystify the processes of gilding. Descriptions and explanations of the materials, equipment and traditional, professional methods of oil and water gilding are clearly set out in a manner that can be understood both by craftsmen and those who wish to understand and apply these methods today.

Originally conceived as a pamphlet for musical instrument makers, the authors soon discovered that by expanding the text they had written a book that would be an essential tool for craftspeople, conservators, gilders, decorative artists, antique dealers and collectors etc. This Archetype edition is a facsimile of the original book published by Mac & Me Ltd.

ISBN 1873132832
Binding Paperback
Dimensions 146 x 208mm
Pages 80
Illustrations 30 line
Published August 2002
Price £11.95