Sources on Art Technology

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Editors  Sigrid Eyb-GreenJoyce H. TownsendStefanos KroustallisKathrin PilzIdelette van Leeuwen

A collection of papers from the 2014 biennial ATSR symposium investigating the uses of source material for historical research and the conservation of art today.

The papers in this volume are from the 2014 biennial ATSR symposium held in Amsterdam which focused on art technological sources and their aid to research. The papers focus on using source material to research works of art such as artist’s notebooks, workshop inventories and documents on the trade in artists’ material from the middle ages until today. They show the importance of source material for art historical as well as material-technical or conservation research to highlight the coherence between the style of a work of art and the materials and techniques used in its production. Ultimately, concluding that the disclosure of such source material is of paramount importance for both art-historical as well as material-technical and conservation research.

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ISBN 9781909492332
Dimensions 210 x 297mm
Pages 172
Published February 2016
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