The Conservation of Sculpture Parks

Editor  Sagita SunaraAndrew Thorn

The contributions to this volume address aspects relating to the preservation, maintenance and protection of open-air sculpture and sculptural landscapes based on case studies in Europe, North America and Australia. Sculpture parks are found in a range of settings – urban, rural, forest, coastal, desert – each facing challenges in relation to its location, climate and management such as negligence and vandalism (including graffiti) and material degradation: physical damage, corrosion, fading and flaking paint, biological growth etc.

The authors, sometimes after discussions with the artists themselves, consider methods of conservation and management of both the sculpture park environment and collections of artworks made of different materials: wood, metals and alloys, ceramic, stone, concrete, glass, composites etc.

Extended abstracts of the six posters that were presented at the conference could not be included in the publication due to financial restrictions. They can be viewed at https://spark2015sisak.wordpress.com/.

The conference was closely related to a project that aims to protect and conserve a collection of 38 outdoor sculptures created between 1971 and 1990 within the Sisak Steelworks Artists Colony.

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