The Identification of the Northern European Woods

A Guide for Archaeologists and Conservators

Jon G. Hather

The identification of wood is an invaluable tool for all archaeologists and conservators interested in artefacts, structures, technology or past environments. This book is a guide to the identification of the trees and larger shrub species of Northern Europe based on anatomical characters. It is divided into three sections. The first provides notes on anatomy and methods of sampling and identification. The second section is an atlas of the 52 identifiable taxa, covering over 130 species, divided into 8 anatomical groups. Each of the eight groups presents simple-to-use keys to the identification of the taxa within them. Each identifiable taxon is illustrated by light micrographs and their diagnostic characters are summarised in tabulated form. The third section provides summary tables of the major diagnostic characters used in the identification of the taxa contained in the book.

This book aims to provide more than a simple atlas of photographs of wood anatomy. It aims to present a workable methodology by which archaeologists and conservators can identify wood.

ISBN 1873132476
Binding Hardback
Dimensions 246 x 187mm
Pages 194
Illustrations 160 halftone
Published December 2000
Price £68.00