Engaging Conservation: collaboration across disciplines

Nina Owczarek, Molly Gleeson, Lynn A. Grant (eds)

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ISBN: 9781909492554
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 297 x 210
Pages: 306

When conservators and allied professionals act as a unified force, the synergistic effect offers
greater creativity, flexibility, and diplomacy than any single voice can create on its own. In fact,
these disciplines are interdependent and the explorations of how they intersect and support
one another are the underlying thread that runs through all the papers in this volume.
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the formal establishment of its Conservation Department,
the Penn Museum hosted an international symposium on issues relating to archaeology,
anthropology, and conservation. Centered around five themes of Education, Archaeology,
Community, Institutions, and Science, the participants explored ways in which conservators may
inform, support, and benefit from the work of allied professionals and the evolution of crossdisciplinary engagement. The papers in this volume capture those presented at the symposium.

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