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Artists' Pigments

A Handbook of their History and Characteristics, Volume 2

Editor  Ashok Roy

This is the second volume in the series Artists' Pigments: A Handbook of their History and Characteristics published by National Gallery of Art in association with Archetype Publications Ltd. The first three volumes are to be reprinted in 2012 so the full set will be available for the first time:

9781904982746 Artists' Pigments Volume 1 Robert Feller (ed.)

9781904982753 Artists' Pigments Volume 2 Ashok Roy (ed.)

9781904982760 Artists' Pigments Volume 3 Elisabeth West Fitzhugh (ed.)

9781904982234 Artists' Pigments Volume 4 Barbara Berrie (ed.)

Each volume concentrates on different pigments (see the contents for each volume). The series is an Encyclopedic Reference intended for:

-The practicing artist to learn a pigment’s color, hiding power, light-fastness, toxicity, compatibility;

-The art historian to know how an artist worked, what pigments were used, whether they were pure or mixed, opaque or transparent, layered or not;

-The conservator to devise techniques necessary for the care and conservation of works of art, to determine what is original, to repair damages, to compensate for missing portions of a painted surface;

-The curator and the connoisseur to know the history of manufacture and use of pigments, to authenticate and assign probable dates to works of art;

-The conservation scientist to learn identification methods used, including optical microscopy, microchemical tests, X-ray diffraction, infrared and reflectance spectrophotometry, and electron microscopy.

ISBN 9781904982753
Binding Hardback
Dimensions 169 x 248mm
Pages 236
Illustrations 77 colour, 110 halftone
Published May 2012
Price £95.00